June 13, 2019


  • GSA Portlet
  • Tick
  • VCM Extensions Package
  • VCM Hosuekeeping
  • VCM Export / Import tool
  • GSA Portlet

    JSR 286 portlet that will perform searches over Google Search Appliance (GSA).
    • It is a very customizable portlet, that will allow portal administrators to easily include GSA capablities in a portal server.
    • Features:
      • - fully JSR 286 compliant
      • - i18n support, for admin and site views
      • - highly customizable
      • - easy to use
      • - it can be used OOTB, or extended to suit your needs.
      • Some of the included customizations in this versions are :
        • - posibility to specify custom xslt sheets to transform GSA results, or you can use the ones provided.
        • - easy replacement of company logo.
        • - easy configuration of which links should appear surrounding the search box
        • - posibility to specify custom classes for link generation, or you can use the ones provided.
        • - posibility to specify diferent navigation styles.
        • - posibility to specify the number of results shown per page.
        • - posibility to specify which collections to search.
        • - posibility to let the end user choose which collection to use.


    Web-based Scheduling Framework for automating all kind of tasks, from housekeeping processes to web administrations tasks

    VCM Editors Extensions package

    Tools to improve your VCM functionalities

    VCM Housekeeping processes

    Tools to support your VCM administration tasks

    VCM Export / Import tool

    Tool to export and import content from one VCM to another. It provides a graphical interface to perform the task with ease, instead of the command-line script that comes with the VCM.